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Democratic And Republican Women In Ohio's Senate Agree On This Bill

Karen Kasler
State Senators Peggy Lehner (R), Capri Cafaro (D) and Shannon Jones (R) with faith leaders

All of the female members of the Ohio Senate – Republicans and Democrats – are backing a bill that would require employers to make reasonable accommodations for pregnant workers.

The bipartisan bill would require employers to allow pregnant employees to take bathroom breaks and to make on the job accommodations, such as limiting lifting if a doctor restricts it. And it would require new moms get breaks for breast feeding. Republican State Senator Shannon Jones says this bill addresses an important and reasonable issue.

“Keeping moms employed, many of whom are the sole breadwinner in their family, is vital for the long term health of those families.”

Jones says there are 1600 cases in Ohio courts right now that involve complaints from women who have lost jobs due to lack of such considerations. The bill is also backed by many faith leaders throughout the state.

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