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Mother Of Ill Child Tells Task Force To Pass Medical Marijuana Legislation Now

Karen Kasler
Ohio House task force hears medical marijuana testimony

Leaders of the Ohio House are now considering what to do about medical marijuana following seven public hearings on the subject in front of its task force.

Columbus resident Tara Cordle told the task force that her ten year old son, who suffers constant seizures, has been in and out of the hospital many times and has nearly died. She says his medical bills have been $6.9 million dollars since 2012. And she wants him to be able to try medical marijuana.

“I’m tired of watching my son suffer every day of his life (crying). The side effects from the pills are unimaginable and not fair to him.”

The 15 member task force, made up of lawmakers, supporters and opponents of medical marijuana, also heard from Ohioans who don’t want it, including doctors who question its effectiveness and safety.

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