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Ohio Democrats Want Help For 31 Communities They Say Have Been Hurt By Gov. Kasich's Budgeting

Jo Ingles
Democrat Kent Smith (Kristen Boggs in background)

Some Democratic state lawmakers say 31 communities throughout Ohio don’t have enough local government funding to operate because of state budget cuts in recent years.  They blame Governor Kasich’s tax cuts for making those communities unsafe or unstable.

When John Kasich is on the presidential campaign trail, he talks about how he’s turned Ohio’s economy around. But Democratic State Representative Kent Smith doesn’t buy it.

“The Ohio miracle is spin. It’s not really reality.

Smith says his own Cleveland area community is one of 31 throughout Ohio that has fallen in serious financial distress. He says there isn’t enough money for fire, police and other vital services.  He and other Statehouse Democrats are pushing a bill that would direct one percent of the state’s two billion dollar rainy day fund to stabilize these communities. In a written statement, Kasich’s spokesman, Joe Andrews, said Ohio has seen stronger local budgets and public employee pay raises during the past few years.

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