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Patients Choose To Support Different Potential Medical Marijuana Plans

Patients who want medical marijuana in Ohio are starting to take sides in which plans they support.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Dana Kovach was at the Statehouse when leaders of a legislative task force announced their medical marijuana bill.

“I was so excited. I even told the press, “it’s like Christmas for my family.” And then I read it.”

Kovach says the bill was too vague, too restrictive to help her seriously ill son. She’s now supporting Ohioans for Medical Marijuana, one of two groups trying to put a constitutional amendment on the fall ballot. Joe Brumfield of Athens County is supporting a different group’s potential issue, and says the one Kovach supports reminds him of the one that voters rejected last fall.

“In my eyes, this is Responsible Ohio 2.0:”

House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger says patients who don’t like the legislative med pot bill should let lawmakers know.

“We’re all ears.”

Kovach says she’s done that. She and Brimfield say they are moving ahead with supporting their respective medical marijuana ballot issues.

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