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Ohio House's Medical Marijuana Bill Passes Committee

Jo Ingles
State Representative Kirk Schuring

The Ohio House committee that’s been working on a new bill to allow medical marijuana has voted its new legislation out of committee.

The bill would allow medical marijuana in edibles, oils and other products, but it would not allow patients to smoke or grow marijuana plants. Republican State Representative Kirk Schuring says the plan restricts how doctors can recommend marijuana for patients and the process under which it could be done.

“I think we’ve got a good plan.”

But Aaron Marshall, a spokesman for one of the groups gathering petition signature to put a different medical pot plan before voters, says Schuring’s bill is too restrictive.

“There’s going to be very few Ohio doctors who are going to be willing to participate in a system so full of red tape and restrictive requirements.”

Marshall says his group is gathering the more than 305,000 valid petition signatures it needs to put its less restrictive plan before voters this fall.

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