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Poll: Trump-Clinton Contest Virtual Dead Heat In Ohio, Two Other Key States

Andy Chow
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have both campaigned in Ohio, in September 2015 and March 2016.

Quinnipiac University has released its first poll since John Kasich and Ted Cruz left the GOP contest. And for the first time, it's showing presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump leading Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton in Ohio.

For months, John Kasich had said he was the only one who polls showed could beat Clinton. The latest Quinnipiac poll shows Trump now has a slight four point lead in Ohio, and she leads by one point in Florida and Pennsylvania. Quinnipiac’s assistant polling director is Peter Brown, who said, “If you think our numbers are accurate, then this portends a close race for president, at least now. Who knows what’ll happen in the next six months. But what this shows is, in the three most important states in the country, the race is essentially a statistical tie.”

Brown says Trump is doing slightly better among men that Clinton is doing among women, but in a close election, there are likely to be more women voters.

You can see the full Quinnipiac poll here.

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