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Ohio's New Good Samaritan Law Is Expected To Save Lives

Jo Ingles
Cindy Koumoutzis, Advocate for OhioCAN (anti drug abuse group) and Mother of recovering drug addict

A new bill signed into law provides some limited immunity for bystanders who witness an overdose and try to help save drug users’ lives.

Cindy Koumoutzis called 9-1-1 when her daughter was overdosing. But the North Canton mom says she told the emergency operator to cancel that call once her daughter was revived.

“Because I do not want to be charged, I don’t want my daughter charged and this is my place of residence.”

Koumoutzis says this newly signed so called “Good Samaritan” law would protect family members and friends who need to seek help for someone who has overdosed. Nearly three dozen states now have some version of this law on the books.

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