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Project Brings Republicans, Democrats Together With Music

Groove U YouTube
from left to right: Ed Leonard, Franklin County treasurer; Michael Stinziano, Columbus City Council; Sen. Charleta Tavares (D-Columbus); Magistrate Kathleen Graham, Franklin County Municipal Court

With the presidential race heating up and Cleveland preparing to host the Republican National Convention, one educational institute is conducting a project in hopes of shedding partisan barriers. They want to do this through the power of music.

State and local politicians, Republicans and Democrats, standing side-by-side, gathered to recorda rendition of “God Bless America.” The group included Republican State Auditor Dave Yost and Democratic Senator Charleta Tavares.

The recording is a result of the “Purple State” project -- put together by Groove U, a post-secondary education program that teaches people about the music industry.

Groove U’s Dwight Heckelman says music can inspire people to put their differences aside.

“If you can come together, not being a great singer and be brave enough to sort of put your voice out there because you just want to be a part of something great -- everything else is kind of easy,” said Heckelman.

It’s an important time to show public leaders working together, according to Heckelman, especially with the impending Republican National Convention.

Groove U hopes to bring politicians together for the “Purple State” project every year.

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