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Ohio Supreme Court Will Help Clarify Rules For Attorneys On Ohio's New Medical Marijuana Law

Statehouse News Bureau
The Ohio Supreme Court's Main Chambers

Ohio’s new medical marijuana law goes into effect in September but there are questions right now about the services Ohio attorneys can offer clients who are seeking to comply with it. The state’s highest court is stepping in to help answer those questions.

Ohioans who seek legal help to set up businesses related to the new industry from Ohio lawyers might be frustrated. The state’s Board of Professional Conduct, a panel that sets guidelines for lawyers, recently issued an advisory opinion that has left attorneys questioning how they can assist clients since federal law doesn’t allow for medical marijuana as it is being implemented in Ohio’s new law. So the Ohio Supreme Court will draft an amendment to the state’s Rules of Professional Conduct to clarify services attorneys can offer clients seeking to comply with the state’s new law. Once those rules are approved, the hope is lawyers in Ohio will have clear guidance on how to advise their clients.

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