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New Bill Would Make Big Changes To The Ohio Bureau Of Worker's Compensation

State lawmakers are considering a new bill to reform the Bureau of Workers' Compensation. It would make key changes to the program, like reducing extended injured worker benefits for retirees. And it would also change the name of the agency.

Rep. Mike Henne (R-Clayton) says the bill would eliminate red tape for both employers and injured employees.

“It’s about giving them the appropriate care when they are injured. It’s about getting them back to work, for the employee and the employer and it’s about getting them the appropriate benefits when they can’t return to work.”

Henne says the bill would also change the name of the agency from the Bureau of Workers' Compensation to the Office of Employee Safety and Rehabilitation.

“Now I will tell you I’m not married to the name.”

He says the name could change as the bill goes through the process. And so could the details of the plan as lawmakers take a closer look at the proposed overhaul.

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