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Opposing Views On Health Care By Pence, Kasich Put Portman In Tough Spot At GOP Dinner

Karen Kasler
Vice President Mike Pence and U.S. Sen. Rob Portman share the stage briefly at the annual Ohio Republican Party state dinner.

The Ohio Republican Party’s state dinner this weekend brought in hundreds, and included two leaders with two different perspectives on the Senate health care bill. And that puts the person who’ll actually be voting on it in a tough position.

Senator Rob Portman is undecided on the health care bill, which he touched on in his speech: “I’ve talked to a lot of you about that tonight, and half of you have told me one thing and half of you told me another thing.”

Portman then introduced Vice President Mike Pence, who urged Senators to pass the bill. Also at the reception before the dinner was Gov. John Kasich, who’s come out against the bill and what it would do to Medicaid expansion in Ohio. Three of the four candidates for governor also spoke. And Jim Renacci, Jon Husted and Mike DeWine praised Pence but didn’t mention Kasich. Mary Taylor was scheduled but her spokesman says she was traveling and couldn’t make it.

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