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Medical Marijuana Testing Dilemma

The state’s new medical marijuana program is supposed to begin a little more than a year from now. But there are still lots of questions, such as who will grow the plants, what conditions they’ll be grown under, and who will do lab testing on the cannabis before patients get access to it. 

The state’s new medical marijuana program calls for a public university to test the plants. But, so far, none has stepped forward, although at least one private company says it will work with an unnamed public university to do the testing.  Justin Hunt with the Ohio Department of Commerce suggests a private company could step in if a university fails to make a request for an application.

“If they didn’t apply for the rfa that will be out September 11th through September 22nd, the department can prepare to issue licenses to private labs on that June 5th of 2018 date.”

Some schools that rely on federal funding have expressed concern because marijuana is still illegal under federal law. 

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