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Senate Democrats Considering Strategy For Next Week's Potential Budget Veto Override Votes

Daniel Konik/OGT
Senate Minority Leader Kenny Yuko (D-Richmond Heights) appears on "The State of Ohio" on PBS stations this weekend.

Senators are expected to come back to the Statehouse on Tuesday and vote on at least one overrides that the House approved last month on 11 of Gov. John Kasich’s 47 budget vetoes. And as Republicans consider how and what they'll vote on, Senate Democrats are trying to figure out their strategy.

It’s unclear exactly which of the 11 overrides will be taken up, and it’s likely only the ones that are certain to pass will come to the floor. With only nine Democrats in the Senate, Minority Leader Kenny Yuko of Richmond Heights knows his caucus doesn’t have enough votes to stop anything, so he says he’s just waiting to see what comes up on the agenda.

“This is anybody’s guess. As we know, this isn’t just a one shot deal. The House gave us 11 overrides. That doesn’t mean it stops there.”

But Democrats don’t disagree with all the overrides. Several have supported overriding Kasich’s rejection of a plan to raise taxes on Medicaid managed care organizations. Transit authorities have said they raise $200 million a year through piggyback taxes on that MCO tax.

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