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"Judy's Law" Might Spur More Legislation To Protect Women From Abuse

Surrounded by Judy Malinowski's family and supporters of the bill
Karen Kasler
Governor John Kasich prepares to sign Judy's law

Gov. John Kasich has formally signed what’s become known as “Judy’s Law.” It is legislation named for a Columbus woman that imposes longer prison sentences on attackers who intentionally disfigure their victims by using accelerants to set them on fire.  And this law might not be the last to crack down on domestic violence.

Flanked by Judy Malinowski’s two young daughters, Kasich signed the bill, promising to take a look at existing domestic violence laws to see if they are comprehensive enough to protect women from abuse.

“Maybe there’s more we can do. Maybe there’s more we can do to think about how we can provide a safe haven, not just a safe haven but a wonderful haven and incubator to grow women into all they can be because without them, we are missing. We just don’t have it. We are not complete,” Kasich said.

“Judy’s Law” adds up to six years to terms of criminals who use accelerants in attacking their victims. Malinowski was doused with gasoline and set on fire by her ex-boyfriend back in 2015. She never left the hospital and died this past June, just hours before state lawmakers passed the bill.

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