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Foodbanks To End Service That Helps Low Income Ohioans Sign Up For Health Care Program

Ohio Association of Foodbanks
Statehouse News Bureau
Lisa Hamler Fugitt, Executive Director

For years now, low-income people who visited Ohio’s foodbanks could also get help filling out the paperwork necessary to get health care through the federal Affordable Care Act’s Navigator program. But that’s not going to be the case anymore.

The Ohio Association of Foodbank’s Lisa Hamler Fugitt says she’s profoundly disappointed that the food banks are being forced to end the service because of a 71% cut in funding for it.

“Quite honestly, we had really no ability to continue to provide these services or recoup the expenses that we were incurring." - Lisa Hamler Fugitt, Ohio Association of Foodbanks

She explains the navigator program has been instrumental in helping people who live in rural areas who are not able to use computers or navigate the internet. Though they will no longer have the assistance of helpers at food banks, Ohioans can still sign up for the program on the website or by phone. Open enrollment for the 2018 marketplace plans will begin November 1st and end December 15th.

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