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Three Years After Tamir Rice Was Shot And Killed, Lawmaker Says More Can Be Done

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Three years ago a Cleveland police officer shot and killed a 12-year-old boy in a public park. Tamir Rice was seen with an airsoft gun and had it tucked away at the time of the police-involved shooting.  Lawmakers believe there’s still more that can be done to stop these types of deaths.

Democratic Representative Alicia Reece says the death of Tamir Rice was a tragedy that shook the nation and drove a wedge between communities and the police force.

Reece says the state has taken many steps to try to mend this relationship, such as advisory groups and the creation of use-of-force standards.

But she says they’re temporary until the Legislature takes action to make them permanent.

“The House and the Senate has not sent one criminal justice reform bill to the governor to sign to make sure that these things become the way that we do business in our state and it doesn’t matter who’s in charge it won’t be term limited.”

Other bills that would help, according to Reece, include a ban on imitation firearms and dropping the requirement for a front license plate.

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