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Ohio Supreme Court Justice Says He Plans To Leave The Bench And Run For Governor

Ohio Supreme Court
Ohio Supreme Court Justice Bill O'Neill

After saying he'd leave the race for the Democratic nomination for governor if Richard Cordray runs, Ohio Supreme Court Justice Bill O’Neill now says he's staying in the race.

O'Neill had said he'd be out if former Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Chief Richard Cordray entered the race. But O’Neill says Cordray and the other Democratic gubernatorial candidates are not embracing his plan to legalize marijuana and fight opioids, so he’s going to do it himself.

“I am indeed going to be a candidate for Governor of Ohio.”

Cordray is expected to be able to raise a lot of money for the campaign. O’Neill’s not worried.

“I’m not worried about money but more importantly, this is the Governor’s race. I’ll raise money and I will match Rich Cordray dollar for dollar.”

O’Neill is the only Democrat on the state’s high court, and his replacement would be picked by Republican Gov. John Kasich. But O'Neill says he’s not concerned that his departure would make the court more conservative leaning. He says he most often votes along with Republican Supreme Court Justice Maureen O’Connor right now anyway.

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