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New Plan To Legalize Marijuana In Ohio

Some of the people who brought a marijuana legalization plan to the ballot two years ago want to try to put a different one before voters next year. 

Jimmy Gould backed the 2015 amendment which failed overwhelmingly at the ballot box and he was recently rejected for a large cultivator’s license by the state’s medical marijuana program. But he says it’s not that rejection but rather problems with the process that are prompting him to put an all-out legalization of marijuana before voters next year.

“Let’s stop this nonsense. This is crazy.”

Gould says the plan would treat marijuana much like alcohol. Rob Walgate with the Ohio Business Roundtable says he wants to see what’s inside the box of details.

“We’ve got to take off the wrapping paper and look at the exact language. What are they trying to do?”

Gould says he’ll have more details about the plan in the months ahead. 

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