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House Dem Leader Lays Out Priorities, Game Plan For GOP Support

Andy Chow
Rep. Fred Strahorn (D-Dayton), House Minority Leader

Lawmakers are returning to the Statehouse from their holiday break. The outnumbered Democrats in the House have a list of goals they want to achieve. And they have a game plan for getting Republican support.

Revamping the way the state funds schools, increasing access to health care and fighting the opioid epidemic are all at the top of the priority list for House Democrats.

House Minority Leader Fred Strahorn says some of their goals are bipartisan issues, but they could run into a GOP roadblock for others. Strahorn’s goal is to lay out the financial impact.

“There is an economic thread that runs through a lot of these issues that impact everybody, rich or poor, working or corporate, and we just need to make a case that this is in everybody’s best interest,” said Strahorn.

For example, according to Strahorn, provisions that help labor and improve health care access ultimately drive the workforce and stimulates the economy.

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