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Kasich Says He Will Send National Guard Troops To Mexican Border If Formally Requested To Do So

Dan Konik

President Trump is saying he’ll order National Guard troops be sent to the border with Mexico to prevent undocumented immigrants from entering the U.S. But some governors say they will not follow those orders. Here's what Gov. John Kasich says he'll do. 

Make no mistake. Kasich does not agree with President Trump on many issues. But he says if Trump asks for Ohio National Guard troops, he’ll comply.

“You know, we have apparently done that before. We sent an engineering group down, I’m told, at a request. So it makes sense. He’s the president and if he says there’s a reason to go there, I wouldn’t see any reason why we wouldn’t accommodate him. We’ll have to see,” Kasich told reporters.

The public information officer for the Ohio Adjutant General’s department, Stephanie Beougher, says the office doesn’t have a request to provide support for the mission at this time. 

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