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Governor's Executive Order To Help Ohioans With Disabilities

Patty Ruble

Gov. John Kasich has signed an executive order that will emphasize the use of technology to assist disabled Ohioans when the state evaluates their needs. 

There’s a lot of technology on the market these days that can help disabled Ohioans. Little robots help teach autistic kids to read social cues. Call buttons, monitors and speakers can turn on lights and alert caregivers. And smart wheelchairs with safety sensors can keep people such as Columbus resident Patti Ruble safe.

“This has given me freedom, independence. I can keep on doing my thing with my life," Ruble said.

Kasich says his order means more Ohioans can get this technology through the state’s Department of Developmental Disabilities. He says it will make life easier for disabled Ohioans and their caregivers.

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