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DeWine Urges Senators Not To Rush To Confirm Kavanaugh To Supreme Court

Mike DeWine, Facebook

The Republican candidate for governor is now clarifying his earlier statements about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, saying there should be no rush to confirm him.

Mike DeWine had praised President Trump’s nomination of Kavanaugh in July, and then again at a debate with Democratic opponent Richard Cordray last week: “I think the president has done an excellent job in who he’s appointed to the Supreme Court.”

But as the hearings on allegations of sexual misconduct against Kavanaugh began, DeWine said he’s urging caution among the members of the Judiciary Committee – which he served on in the US Senate. “I think that the allegations obviously need to be taken very seriously, and the process needs to play out. I didn’t think we should pre-judge anything until we had the hearings,” DeWine said.

Cordray spoke out against Kavanaugh at the debate with DeWine, saying these serious allegations need to be fully investigated.

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