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Kasich Credits 2018 Election Results To Voters Approving Ohio's Direction

Karen Kasler
Gov. John Kasich campaigns with then-Republican gubernatorial nominee Mike DeWine who went on to win the election days later.

Many political strategists are weighing in on what this year’s election results mean for Ohio going forward. With the GOP sweeping the statewide executive races, many say Ohio is without question a “red state”.  One politician says - somewhat surprisingly - that’s not necessarily the case.

Republicans and even some Democratic leaders are saying Ohio is no longer the swing state it used to be.

But Republican Gov. John Kasich says Democrats were able to win in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Michigan. He says that’s because Ohioans, regardless of political background, have been happy with state leadership.

“People, whoever they are, felt that the state was headed in the right direction, they felt included and that’s why we did well. In these other states there’s too much division and nothing getting done,” says Kasich.

Kasich has been a vocal critic of President Donald Trump and has suggested the idea of a third-party presidential run.

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