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State School Board Sends Lawmakers New Graduation Requirements Proposal

The state school board has sent to lawmakers what they say is a resolution to the problem of changing requirements for getting a high school diploma in Ohio.

Changes in standards and tests going back to 2010 led lawmakers to okay alternatives for the thousands of kids thought to be unlikely to graduate over the last two years. 

State school superintendent Paolo DeMaria said he thinks the current proposal is a long-term solution.

“We brought superintendents and principals and guidance counselors and parents around the table and sort of talked through what can we do? How can we help students demonstrate what they know and are able to do to our satisfaction, that they’re ready for future success, but not necessarily always rely on standardized tests?” said DeMaria.

All but one member of the board approved the plan to allow kids to choose from a menu of options, including taking state tests, earning an industry-recognized credential, scoring well on a college entrance exam, doing community service or completing a capstone project.

Lawmakers will decide on it by June.

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