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Hundreds Of High School Seniors Honored At "Ohio Military Signing Day"

Hundreds of high school seniors bound for the armed forces were honored in Columbus this week. It’s a ceremony conceived by the state school superintendent, and it’s grown dramatically in its first year.

Seniors headed for the US Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines were applauded for their decision to enlist, and their families were praised for supporting their kids’ decision.

State school superintendent Paolo DeMaria said these students deserved to be publicly recognized.

“We have signing day for athletes, we have signing day for students sometimes about where they go to college. Let’s elevate, let’s honor, let’s celebrate these young men and women who are really making a huge commitment, an act of courage and dedication," DeMaria said.

DeMaria said fewer than a hundred kids were honored at the first Ohio Military Signing Day in 2018. This year there were 326 from around the state who responded to the invitation to attend.

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