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Medical Marijuana Sales Continue Yet Most Eligible Patients Are Not Getting It

The Botanist, a dispensary in Canton
Adrian Ma
The Botanist, a dispensary in Canton

Medical marijuana sales in Ohio continue to increase, even if the product is still available on a very limited basis. 

The Department of Commerce reports people have bought more than $2 million of medical marijuana in the first two months of sales. 

The nine medical marijuana dispensaries now open have sold 288 pounds of the product since the first day of sales on Jan. 16. The average price is nearly $472 per ounce.

A total of 448 doctors have been given the green light to recommend marijuana. While 19,395 patients have registered for the program, only 5,465 of them have actually purchased any product.

One reason could be the product is limited to the marijuana bud, which must be vaporized. But the state has certified at least one processor, so marijuana in other forms such as oils, creams, and edibles could be available soon. 

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