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Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Expanding To New Areas Of The State

A dozen medical marijuana dispensaries have been given certificates of operation. Dispensaries in Northeast and Eastern Ohio have been open for a few weeks. But there haven’t been any in central Ohio….until earlier today.


The chilly weather didn’t keep Columbus resident Michael Doctor from standing in line at the opening of the Columbus Terrasona dispensary. He says he is glad he doesn’t have to drive to a dispensary in Eastern Ohio anymore to get medical marijuana that he says helps relieve his chronic back pain.

“It helps tremendously. It’s either this or opiates and I refuse to become part of that organization," Doctor says.

Tom Terflinger says he has successfully used marijuana in Colorado and California to treat his lower back pain. He doesn’t want to use pain pills so up to now, he’s been using a couple of drinks before bedtime to take the edge off his discomfort.

“Cannabis is like the new wine, you know," Terflinger says.

One of the owners of this company plans to open dispensaries in Cleveland, Springfield, and Fremont during the next few weeks. 

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