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Community Groups Want To Assist State In Finding Inactive Voters Before They Are Removed From Rolls

Dan Konik

Nearly two dozen groups and individuals are asking Ohio’s top elections official for a list of voters who could be dropped from the rolls this fall, so they can try to get them re-registered. 

Republican Secretary of State Frank LaRose says county boards of elections have sent him their lists of inactive voters. He’ll create a statewide list for people who want to find voters who are in danger of being dropped.

“We’ve partnered with these community groups to try to make sure that we are not leaving anybody behind. That’s the goal here," LaRose says.

The 20 groups include the League of Women Voters, the Ohio Republican Party and the Ohio Chapter of the NAACP. Notices will be going out to inactive voters next week, and those who do not respond by September 6 would be dropped.

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