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State Prepares For Large Disaster Response Exercise

Ohio National Guard

Ohioans may notice a heavy presence of first responders, military personnel, military aircraft, and emergency vehicles in multiple areas throughout Ohio as part of a disaster response exercise.

The exercise is a simulated cyberattack that causes utility failures and disruptions, and tests emergency response to hazmat accidents, radiological incidents, and civil disturbances.

Ohio Adjutant General John Harris says this will be the largest disaster response exercise in the state’s history.

“It’s our opportunity to exercise muscles as I like to say, command and controlling forces during events like these but also working with our interagency partners so we aren’t exchanging business cards when an actual event occurs.”

The event involves the Ohio and U.S. National Guards as well as the Ohio Emergency Management Agency.

It will begin on Saturday, August 3and continue through Wednesday, August 7.

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