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DeWine Giving More Thought To Eviction Issues

The state's Stay At Home order has forced many people to lose their jobs or their source of income which means money can be tight when it comes time to pay rent. Gov. Mike DeWine is hinting at a possible announcement when it comes to evictions and foreclosures.

DeWine says he has given more thought to a possible moratorium on evictions and says there might be an announcement soon on that topic.

He commends banks and landlords who have eased up on their own and says Ohioans are "all in this together."

"The fact that someone cannot pay now does not reflect upon, should not reflect upon their credit, their character or anything else. It should reflect on the situation that we are all in," says DeWine.

However, the governor does point out there are other reasons why eviction is needed that're not rent related, for example domestic violence cases.

Local courts have been asked to stop eviction and foreclosure proceedings but that's not an order.

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