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Faber Warning Local Governments Of Tough Fiscal Times Ahead

Auditory Keith Faber (R-Ohio) unveils new rating system on local government compliance of Ohio's Sunshine Laws.
Andy Chow

Ohio Auditor Keith Faber is telling local governments to take a close look at their finances and to prepare for things to get worse before they get better.

The financial watchdog says some communities are going to get hit harder than others. He says municipalities with a "heavy reliance" on sales and income taxes should expect to experience tougher economic times in the weeks ahead.

Faber says he's been trying to get the message out to all local governments to expect to make cuts.

"This is going to be a difficult time, it's going to get worse financially before it gets better. The state is anticipating a 20% reduction in the budget items we think that's a good benchmark for local governments to start looking at," says Faber.

Faber says his office has available resources such as the Local Government Support Unit and the Performance Audit Team.

He's also warning local government officials to be extra tight on cyber security as more people move to a telecommuting model.

Faber is including in his messages to local officials the importance of getting out the vote, with absentee voting for Ohio's Primary extended until April 28, and to encourage people to fill out the U.S. Census.

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