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LaRose Urges Postal Service To Speed Up Absentee Ballot Deliveries

Andy Chow
Secretary of State Frank LaRose

If you're still waiting on an absentee primary ballot to arrive in the mail, election officials say you're not alone. Secretary of State Frank LaRose says he's been fielding reports from around Ohio that the postal system is taking longer than usual to deliver the mail, including absentee ballots.

Time is running out for voters to fill out their absentee ballots and mail them back with a postmark of April 27, which can also be dropped off at county boards of elections by April 28.

LaRose says he's been working with congressional leaders to encourage the U.S. Postal Service to speed up the delivery of those ballots.

"They need to make sure they're able to deliver a vote-by-mail election in the first state that's really done it since the beginning of this pandemic," says LaRose.

There is another option. A voter can still cast a provisional ballotat their county board of elections in-person on April 28. LaRose laid out the requirements for local boards of elections in a directive sent on April 17. LaRose, who advocated for a longer election window, has said this is something voters can do if they didn't receive their absentee ballots in the mail. 

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