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Group Suggests Medically Fragile Ohio Voters Use The "Curbside" Option This Fall

Michele Midnight,

Ohio voters with disabilities already have the option of curbside voting on Election Day. But a group representing voters suggest that option could be expanded to help medically fragile people who cannot mask themselves and walk into polls this November. 

Ohio voters with disabilities can get a provisional ballot delivered to their cars by both a Republican and Democratic Board of Elections employee so they don’t have to go inside the polls. Catherine Turcer with the Ohio Voter Rights Coalition says that option could also allow medically fragile voters a safe way to cast ballots in November but she cautions… 

“It needs to be spelled out so that it is understandable before voters get there," Turcer says.

But the expanded use of curbside voting would put more stress on poll workers. State leaders are airing ads and working with schools and businesses now to recruit more poll workers. Of course, voters with fragile health can also vote by mail. 

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