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Trump Campaign Expects RNC To Lay Out 'Positive Vision'

Andy Chow
President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump's campaign in Ohio is preparing for a busy week, running many events in collaboration with the Republican National Convention.

Dan Lusheck, press secretary for President Donald Trump's re-election campaign in Ohio, called last week's virtual Democratic National Convention a "distraction."

Lusheck says this week's Republican National Convention in which Trump is expected to receive the nomination will layout a more positive vision.

"A celebration of the countless stories of the everyday Americans who've been empowered and have had their lives improved thanks to the policies and the promises that President Trump kept during his first term," says Lusheck.

Democrats argue Trump has hurt the working class by mishandling the coronavirus pandemic, leading to the economic downturn.

But Republicans in Ohio have been touting the economic record Trump had before March of this year and defend the president's actions during the pandemic, such as the stimulus package that was passed with bipartisan support.   

"They're trying to distract the American people from the issues that really matter to everyday Americans. As we close in on November, we want to hear what matters to the working men and women of this country," Lusheck says.

Lusheck says the campaign is planning many events throughout Ohio including watch parties, both in-person and virtual.

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