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Help On The Way For Struggling Performing Arts Groups, Theatres

Ohio Theatre, June 2020
Jo Ingles
Ohio Theatre, June 2020

The Columbus Museum of Art has announced it was laying off 39 employees and slashing their budget due to money lost during coronavirus. It’s the latest example of an arts organization that has suffered because of COVID-19. But there might be some help coming soon from the state for struggling performing arts theaters.

Gov. Mike DeWine says he realizes performing arts are hurting right now and he says the state wants to help theaters that have lost money due to coronavirus closures and restrictions.

“We can’t announce this yet but in the money we are setting aside, we hope to have money for theatres, performing arts theatres, in the state of Ohio. Look, it’s not going to put them back where they were or where they would have been but we will have money in there for that," DeWine says.

DeWine says he doesn’t think movie theaters will qualify for those funds but adds they might qualify for some other funding that’s being set aside to help Ohio businesses hurt by coronavirus. There's about $900 million dollars worth of federal coronavirus aid that could be put toward helping the arts and small businesses. 

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