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Ohio Senate President Has Harsh Words For Latest COVID Relief Package

Ohio Sen President Matt Huffman (R-Lima)
Jo Ingles
Ohio Sen President Matt Huffman (R-Lima)

Congress has passed a $1.9-trillion-dollar COVID relief package along party lines. It didn’t get a single Republican vote. The Republican leader of the Ohio Senate has stong condemnation for it too. 

The COVID bailout, the first major piece of legislation accomplished by this new Congress, didn’t get any Republican support. And it’s not getting kind words from Matt Huffman, the Republican leader of the Ohio Senate either.  

“It’s probably one of the most cynical and irresponsible acts by the federal government, at least that I can remember, during my lifetime -the fact that we are now going to face another 6-8 months of individuals incentivized to not go back to work when employers, many people are desperate just to get employees," Huffman says.

Ohio stands to get $11.2 billion from the bill with $2.2 billion going to Ohio’s cities and its 88 counties. The package also provides enhanced unemployment benefits and $1400 stimulus checks to millions of Americans. President Biden is expected to sign

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