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Restaurants Say They Are Having Trouble Finding Enough Staff For This Summer

Annes Kitchen, Powell, Ohio
Jo Ingles
Annes Kitchen, Powell, Ohio

Ohio’s restaurant and bar owners are saying they expect business to pick up this summer. But they are worried about having enough employees to handle the business. 

Ohio Restaurant Association President John Barker says restaurant and bar owners are telling him they’re having a hard time trying to hire enough staff to deal with the expected return of customers this summer. 

“We cannot talk to an operator who says they are not having trouble hiring people right now," Barker says.

Barker says, in many cases, low pay is not the issue. He says lots of bar and restaurant employees are paid far more than minimum wage. And he says many business owners simply cannot afford to pay employees more without raising menu prices to offset the costs, thereby making their businesses uncompetitive and unsustainable. 

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