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Muslim Comedian Files Defamation Lawsuit Against Central Ohio Man Behind White Nationalist Website

Subodh Chandra/Muslim Advocates

The central Ohio man who’s behind the white nationalist website "The Daily Stormer" has gotten a lot of attention since this weekend’s violence in Virginia. He’s now getting hit with a defamation lawsuit filed in Columbus by a well-known Muslim comedian, columnist and radio host.

SiriusXM Radio host Dean Obeidallah is suing Andrew Anglin of Worthington for a "Daily Stormer" post in June. The lawsuit says Anglin fabricated tweets showing Obeidallah was the terrorist mastermind behind the Ariana Grande concert bombing in England in May. Obeidallah said he’s received death threats since, and after this weekend’s white nationalist march in Virginia, he and the group Muslim Advocates are filing the suit now.  “I don’t think the timing could be any better in that there’s such an imperative to make it clear that we’re going to stand up against the 'Daily Stormer' and Andrew Anglin,” said Obeidallah.

Obeidallah said if Anglin had taken down the post as he’d asked him to, he wouldn’t be filing the suit, though he calls the death threats “stunning and revolting”.

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