DeWine To Attend Rally With Trump on Monday

Sep 21, 2020

After missing President Trump's two previous visits to Ohio this year, Gov. Mike DeWine is planning to meet him at a rally Monday.

DeWine won’t be at Trump’s rally at an airport in Toledo but at another event, most likely in Vandalia, near his home in Cedarville.

That's where DeWine has been conducting his twice-weekly press conferences since he tested positive for coronavirus before a planned meeting with Trump in August.

DeWine got booed by the crowd at Vice President Pence’s rally in Zanesville last week, which he didn’t attend. He says that reaction came because he’s making tough decisions.

“This is a tough time. We have some people who are unemployed. We have people who, you know, don't want to wear a mask and, you know, a lot of different things. So I'm going to continue to focus on what I need to do. I think that's my job. I think it's what people elected me to do," DeWine said at his Thursday press conference.

As of Monday, the state has Montgomery County, where Vandalia is located, listed as a Red/Level 3 Public Emergency, the second-highest level reflecting the spread of coronavirus.

There is a statewide mask mandate in place, and masks have been required in Level 3 since July. DeWine has urged people at rallies to wear masks, but said the mandate won't be enforced at these events, as it isn't at other activities protected by the First Amendment such as protests and worship services.

This will be DeWine’s first appearance with Trump this year.

He was under the weather for Trump’s first campaign rally of the year, in Toledo in January. And he was turned away for a Cleveland event after a rapid test showed he was positive for coronavirus last month, though two later tests showed negative results.

One thing DeWine may want to discuss with Trump is the Space Force. DeWine wrote a letter urging Trump to site the U.S. Space Command headquarters it in Dayton, which he was suggesting in July.

It's been estimated the Space Force headquarters could bring in 1,400 jobs.