Group Moves To Ohio To Urge Workers To Stop Paying Union Dues

Oct 23, 2019

An anti-union group is setting up shop in Ohio, saying they’re focused on reaching out to nearly a quarter of a million public employees following last year’s Janus v AFSCME decision from the U.S. Supreme Court.

Ohio is the fourth state for the Freedom Foundation. It’s already operating in California, Oregon and Washington.

National director Aaron Withe said he’s calling on the state to stop deducting union dues from employees who haven’t consented to paying them.

And Withe said he’s not deterred that Rep. Larry Householder (R-Glenford) was elected House Speaker with the help of pro-union Democrats, suggesting there won’t be anti-union legislation such as so-called “right to work”.

“We operate on the West Coast. We operate in states where legislation has never been an option for us. So we come into Ohio with open eyes and we hope that later down the line we can pursue some legislation.”

With the help of another anti-union group, five state employees are suing the state and two unions over dues. The state’s unions have said they’re following the law.