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Tax Returns Flowing In Faster Than Last Year, Though Deadline Is Later

OGT/The Ohio Channel
Tax Commissioner Joe Testa on "The State of Ohio", February 12, 2016.

The tax deadline is coming in a little less than three weeks. But the filings are coming in fast and furious, though the deadline is later this year than in previous years.

Tax commissioner Joe Testa said it appears right now, fewer Ohioans are waiting till the last minute to file their state tax returns. “As of the end of this last week, a couple of days ago, we were almost 5% ahead of last year in terms of filing. So it’s coming in a little faster than last year – just a little, about 5%. We’re at a little over 3 million returns filed,” Testa said.

And he said the number of people being asked to take an online identity quiz before getting refunds is down 60%. The federal tax deadline was extended to Monday, April 18, because of the observance of Emancipation Day on April 15, so Testa said the state deadline was adjusted as well.

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