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Andy Chow

Ohio legislators have passed new energy laws that affects everyone’s electric bills and change the state’s course on green energy policies. But it can be easy to get bogged down by all the information contained in the bill, here's a breakdown.

Ohio House
Andy Chow

The Ohio House has voted in favor of the sweeping energy bill, HB6, that bails out two nuclear power plants through $150 million in ratepayer subsidies.

House Speaker Larry Householder (R-Glenford)
Andy Chow

The Ohio House will try again tomorrow to hold a vote on the sweeping energy bill which could bail out nuclear power plants and would end energy efficiency requirements for utilities. 

The House emptied out during recess after the vote on the state budget. Speaker Larry Householder had hoped to reconvene to vote on House Bill 6.
Karen Kasler

The sweeping energy bill that could save nuclear plants from shutting down while making big cuts to renewable and efficiency policies was put on hold with possible "yes" votes not present at the Ohio Statehouse.

Andy Chow

The legislation moving out of the Ohio Senate will subsidize nuclear, solar, and coal power while getting rid of requirements to invest in energy efficiency programs and weakening overall renewable energy policies.

Senate Energy and Public Utilities Committee meets in  the Senate Building to discuss changes to HB6.
Dan Konik

A new version of the comprehensive energy bill, HB6, was introduced in the Ohio Senate on Monday that would charge residential ratepayers $0.85 a month on their electric bills to bail out the state's two nuclear power plants.

Ohio House debates energy bill, HB6, before passing the chamber by a vote of 53-43.
Andy Chow

The Ohio House passed a sweeping energy bill, HB6, that would bail out the state’s two nuclear power plants and wipe out green energy standards, with the help of Democratic support.


Environmental advocates are speaking out against several recent proposals from President Donald Trump’s administration that would weaken the country’s energy efficiency policies, which includes allowing more energy-burning lightbulbs to sidestep the standards.

Andy Chow

A bill that would overhaul the way Ohio mandates the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency is likely to get a vote in the Senate this week.