front license plate

Albina Matveytseva/SHUTTERSTOCK

Drivers are no longer required by law to have license plates on the front of their cars. The change ends a long debate over the use of front plates.

Sen. Joe Uecker (R-Miami Township) is backed by more than a dozen law enforcement officials as he talks about the need to keep the front license plate requirement in law.
Andy Chow

A pair of Republican senators want to keep requiring Ohio vehicles to have front license plates. A new provision that drops that requirement goes into effect next year, so the lawmakers say they still have time to fight the change.

Jo Ingles

When Governor Mike DeWine signed the new transportation budget into law, he didn’t veto any elements of it, including a controversial part of it that eliminates the requirement to display a license plate on the front of your car. 

Jo Ingles

The state’s new transportation budget will do away with the requirement that Ohioans display a license plate on the front of their cars. That might not sound like a big deal to some but it was for some lawmakers who voted to make that change.