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New Poll Shows Voters are Split over Proposed Marijuana Amendment

A new poll shows Issue 3, the proposed constitutional amendment to legalize marijuana in Ohio, is the one that will drive Ohioans to the polls in November. Statehouse correspondent Jo Ingles reports.

The new University of Akron poll shows two thirds of registered voters surveyed say Issue 3, the plan that would allow ten specified pot growing sites, up to 1100 retail stores and a home grow provision, is the issue that voters are most interested in. Voters are equally divided on that issue with 8 percent undecided. It also shows Issue 2, the one that would make it harder to put monopolies in the state’s constitution, is also winning but with a higher margin. Issue 2 wins in this poll 40 to 28 percent but almost a third of voters say they are undecided on that issue. Issue 1, which would change the way state lawmakers’ districts are drawn, gets support from more than half of voters, but 29% say they are still undecided.

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