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Portman Responds To Strickland's Fortune Cookie "Stunt"

Strickland Campaign

A campaign gimmick for Democratic former Gov. Ted Strickland ended up backfiring with some community advocates during the RNC in Cleveland. Now his opponent in that U.S. Senate race is responding. 

Strickland’s campaign unveiled fortune cookies with the message "Rob Portman: The Best Senator China’s Ever Had." It’s meant to hit Portman’s record on trade deals with China, but fortune cookies were an American creation and Chinese American advocates claim Strickland is capitalizing off of an unfair stereotype.

Strickland’s opponent, Republican Sen. Rob Portman, said it was understandably offensive.

“I thought it was really sad, kind of a pathetic stunt.”

Portman went on to say that he has a better record than Strickland when it comes to being tough on trade with China.

Attempts to find out if the Strickland campaign was still using the fortune cookies went unanswered.

In Cleveland, Andy Chow with the Ohio Public Radio Statehouse News Bureau. 

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