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Ohio Republican Party Chair Says Phone Call Signaled Truce With Trump Campaign

Jo Ingles
Gov. John Kasich speaks to members of the Ohio delegation at a breakfast session at the RNC.

A truce has been called in the battle between Ohio’s Republican Party chairman and the Donald Trump campaign - on the day that Donald Trump will officially accept his party's nomination for president.

After most reporters had left the Ohio delegation breakfast Thursday morning, Matt Borges told the delegates that Trump had called him the previous night. He said Trump agreed when he said the fight needs to be directed towards Hillary Clinton.  “So we’re going to move forward in that manner and I want everyone to go out there. Don’t hold back. Go out and support our entire ticket. We need to win this year and Ohio is going to be the key to that.”

The Trump campaign has been angry that John Kasich has refused to endorse Trump, saying Kasich is embarrassing his state.  Kasich spoke to Ohio’s delegates earlier Thursday morning, saying he’s sticking by his principles.

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