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2016 Results Are Official: More Early Voters Than Ever In Ohio, And Turnout Was Higher Than 2012

Karen Kasler
Voters cast ballots at the Franklin County Board of Elections on the first weekend of early in-person voting.

Nearly 5.5 million Ohioans cast ballots in the November presidential election, making the turnout in 2016 slightly higher than it was four years ago. And there are other highlights in the election results just made officialby the Secretary of State.

More than 1.87 million Ohioans voted early absentee, more than in any other election in state history. And the state logged the fewest number of provisional ballots since 2004. Polls showed the major party presidential candidates were unpopular, but turnout was more than 71%, more than a half a point higher than in 2012. Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton by nearly 447-thousand votes or a little more than 8 percent. Clinton won eight counties, but Trump won 80 – and won 30 counties by more than 70%. Trump improved on Mitt Romney’s losing performance in Ohio in 2012 while Clinton lagged behind President Obama. Trump did better than Romney in 83 of 88 Ohio counties, while Clinton did better than Obama in just 2.

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