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Ohio Republican Party Chair May Face Challenge From Candidate Who Says She's Backed By Trump

Karen Kasler
Ohio Republican Party Chair Matt Borges talks to reporters on the floor at the RNC in Cleveland in July.

The head of the Ohio Republican Party is likely to have a challenger to his re-election to that position next month.

Ohio Republican Party chair Matt Borges raised concerns about Donald Trump several times, and Trump’s campaign had blasted Borges personally at one point. Former Ohio Republican Party chair Kevin DeWine hinted a few weeks ago that Borges could be in trouble. “It’s kinda hard when there appears to be such an adversarial relationship between the President-elect and the state party it seems like maybe change is in the offing.”

Now the vice chair of the Stark County Republican Party, Jane Murphy Timken, said she’ll challenge Borges. Timken said Borges is responsible for division within the party. And Timken claims she’s talked to Trump himself and he’s agreed a change in leadership is needed.

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