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On Sunday Morning TV, Kasich Shoots Down "Unity" Presidential Ticket With Colorado Governor

NBC's "Meet the Press"

Gov. John Kasich was back on Sunday morning TV, talking about working with Colorado’s Democratic governor on a deal on health insurance. And that work has brought up questions about whether Kasich may be looking at a bipartisan presidential run with John Hickenlooper.

Kasich joked about that with NBC’s Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press”.  “'Kasich-Hickenlooper’, first of all, you couldn't pronounce it and secondly, you couldn't fit it on a bumper sticker. But here is what I do want to say –"

Todd interrupted: "That's not a denial. Just because you can't fit it on a bumper sticker – "

Kasich responded: "The answer is no, the answer is no."

Hickenlooper tweeted outover the weekend that it’s “odd and funny that people expect a political marriage when two people from different parties work together”, but that there’s “no ulterior motive” and “no unity ticket”.

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