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Pillich, Only Woman Left Running For Governor For Democrats, Picks Running Mate
Scott Schertzer was selected as Democratic candidate for governor Connie Pillich's running mate.

Four of the five Democratic gubernatorial candidates in this May’s primary have announced their running mates, with Connie Pillich making known her choice today.

Pillich chose Scott Schertzer, the Mayor of Marion and Ohio Municipal League President, as her potential lieutenant governor. Schertzer says he and Pillich have something in common. “I’ve been very successful in a red/purple county. As a Democrat, I’ve done very well in my mayoral races and city council races. And I think I have a deep understanding and appreciation for the needs, wants and concerns or rural voters,” Schertzer said.

Schertzer also has a background in public education – he taught for thirteen years before becoming mayor ten years ago. 

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